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❝ I was made to replace single-use plastic bags.  

This bag was created to replace plastic bags.
Made from food grade silicone,
there’s no need to worry about harmful chemicals.
It’s your best choice for wrapping and preserving foods!
Light and easy to carry, its seal is liquid tight,
and it stands up to high temperatures.
Reuse is a breeze with its easy-to-clean material.

With this bag by your side, free yourself from a life of plastic.
Practice Leave no Trace food and drink habits,
and together we can leave a clean ocean for the next generation!



Safe Silicone, Leak-Free Air-Tight Seal

The food bag is made from food grade FDA and SGS approved silicone.
It can withstand temperatures from -40 to 200℃,
So it’s great for holding hot foods and soup.
Wrap a fresh-made sandwich, mouth-watering fried chicken,
Or a steaming hot bowl of beef soup!
The bag sealing clip is made from Tritan™ (*Note),
with a 100% seal so soups and liquids will never leak.
It has a wide opening and can stand upright to eat out of directly.
A convenient and practical way to enjoy take-out!

袋身是食品級矽晶打造, 通過SGS食品級檢測與美國FDA認證, 耐溫 -40~200℃,可承裝熱食和湯品, 無論是現做三明治、香噴噴炸雞塊、熱呼呼牛肉麵,都很安心!

Roll it Up and Take it Out, Light and Burden-Free

The flexible silicone can be rolled up for easy storage.
This “soft container” isn’t bulky or heavy!
Light and easy to carry, it’s a carefree way to reduce plastic waste.
Whether buying a meal, wrapping a snack, or storing leftovers,
it’s a great way to show your commitment to the environment!

彈Q矽材質,捲捲收納超輕量, 是個”軟性容器”,不會太大、更不會太重! 輕巧好攜帶,陪您輕鬆減塑。 無論是買三餐、帶點心、打包聚餐餘食, 1000ml或是1500ml, 陪你展現護地球的行動力!

Freeze or Heat it, Your Best Helper in the Kitchen

Say goodbye to plastic bags at the market and use this to wrap foods.

Put it directly in the fridge or freezer.
The semi-transparent bag makes it easy to see what’s inside,
and it comes with volume markers to see how much you’ve stored.
The patented three-dimensional design stands upright without falling over.
Food can even be heated up directly in the bag.
It’s your best helper in the kitchen!

揮別市場中的塑膠袋,用我裝食材, 可直接放進冰箱冷藏、冷凍, 半透明袋身、刻度標示設計,內容物看得見。 專利立體袋型可站立、不易傾倒, 袋身還可直接加熱,是主婦廚房的好幫手!

High Temperature Disinfection, Convenient Cleaning

Free yourself from a life of plastic,

with this carry-with-you plastic reducing product.
Reuse it endlessly for Leave No Trace eating and drinking.
Take it with you to taste the flavors of life!


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Photo Gallery: the Low-plastic Lifestyle


  • Use water or a neutral detergent to clean before first use.
  • Product can be boiled in water to disinfect after use and placed in a cool dark place to air dry.
  • Wash immediately after holding artificially colored foods such as curry. Color stains will not affect product use.
  • The bag is made from silicone, which is temperature resistant from -40 to 200℃. The bag sealing clip is made from Tritan™ which is temperature resistant from -40 to 90℃. Remove sealing clip before placing in microwave, electric steamer or any other heatin
  • Keep away from sharp objects and do not pull or stretch to avoid damaging product.
  • (*Note) Tritan™ is a new plastic material invented by the US Eastman Chemical Company which does not contain the chemical hormones BPA or BPS. The Tritan™ used in the sealing clip does not come into direct contact with food, but provides an air-tight seal