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❝ I was made to replace plastic wrap.

A natural alternative to plastic wrap.
Handmade with soft organic cotton, and naturally anti-bacterial beeswax,it retains moisture for wrapping vegetables, keeps leftovers fresh, and sticks to the edges of bowls and pots for sturdy coverage.
Washed in cold water,
this natural wrap is reusable and convenient.
The wraps can be folded to easily bring with you,and are perfect for wrapping take-out food.
They preserve freshness without the use of plasticizers
to protect the health of your family and of the planet.

A scale of 1:66

Each Beeswax Food Wrap

Can typically be used for over a year,
preventing the use of about 66m² pieces of plastic wrap.
Biodegradable and made with 100% natural materials,
it doesn’t suffocate our planet,
or enter our oceans, harming ocean wildlife.
It simply returns to the earth,
providing nutrients for life within the soil.

Natural beeswax guarantees your food safety

Beeswax is a natural substance produced by honeybees to preserve food.

It provides antibacterial properties
and locks in moisture for preserving ingredients and food better.

Working with honeybee ecological farm in Nantou
and chooses well-known brand of Taiyuen organic cotton cloth in Taiwan,
we create beeswax food wrap to guarantee worry-free and plastic-free lifestyle. 

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 Innovative development of exclusive styles

First Style | Beeswax Lid Cover

A newly developed plastic-reducing product from Zen Zhou!
The three different sizes come with elastic threads,
just cover and pull to keep things fresh easily.
They offer limitless possibilities!
The cover and pull method works for bowls, plates,
and pots of any size or shape, for an immediate custom fit.
You can also wrap or cover food or produce directly.
Use it as you wish.

Second Style | Beeswax Fresh Cap

A newly developed plastic-reducing product from Zen Zhou!
This new Beeswax Fresh Cap has an elastic lid design
to cover foods and keep them fresh in one easy step.
Four different sizes are offered to meet any need.
They are easy to use for adults and children alike!
It comes with a small cotton loop
so it can be easily hung to dry after washing.

Third Style | Basic Beeswax Food Wrap

Find a use for every wrap!
Three different sizes for all your fresh-keeping needs.
Shape it with the warmth of your hand to fit the edges of any bowl or pot.
It’s highly adjustable to wrap ingredients or take out.

Wash it as you might wash your face,
using your fingers to gently rub it clean.


Use cold water and natural dish soap to wash.

Do not knead, twist or wring. Shake off water and hang dry.
Do not put in dish washer, oven, rice cooker, or microwave.

Simple and natural, it keeps food and produce fresh

Beeswax has natural anti-bacterial properties.
With this product,
there’s no need to worry about plastic chemicals.
It is a great option for keeping food and ingredients fresh.

 Order now!

First Style | Beeswax Cover

Second Style | Beeswax Fresh Cap

Third Style | Basic Beeswax Food Wrap

selected | beewax wrap combination



  • This product has the natural fragrance of beeswax which will disappear over time, it does not affect the flavor of the foods it stores
  • Hand wash all Beeswax Wraps after use as you would wash your face, gently rubbing it clean with your fingers. Do not use warm or hot water to wash or soak. Not suitable for dishwasher
  • After washing, do not twist or wring to dry, simply place in a cool and well ventilated area to hand dry or wipe dry. Store in a clean, dry place to avoid dust
  • Avoid wrapping raw meat, and prolonged contact with greasy foods
  • After wrapping artificially colored foods, wash immediately. If the product is stained, it will not affect further use
  • Use cotton kitchen towel or cellulose sponge, along with natural detergent to minimize staining. Do not use acidic or basic cleaners, or alcohol-based cleaning products
  • Avoid wrapping hot food directly. Do not place in any heating device such as microwave, gas stove, oven, etc. Do not leave the product close to any source of heat, as direct sun, etc.