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❝ I was made to replace single-use containers.  

Made from 100% food-grade silicone, so you’ll never have to worry about chemical residue. It can be folded for easy storage, so it’s great for using at home or taking on the road. It can be flattened or extended to satisfy any use. Drop it by accident? Don’t worry, it won’t break!

The airlock on the container lid is a flexible sea turtle design. Simply close the airlock for a near vacuum seal to keep food fresh for longer. Open the airlock and put the whole container into the microwave for safe and easy reheating.

An airtight seal to protect health and flavor.  


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A breathing little sea turtle made from plastic-free silicone!

The container is made from 100% food-grade silicone, from the lid to the body to the airlock. It is approved by Taiwan’s SGS food container certification and the EU LFGB food management certification. It’s temperature-resistant from -40 to 200℃. Use it to serve hot foods and soup, or put it in the oven, rice cooker, or microwave directly after removing the sea turtle airlock. 

 The flexible little sea turtle is a friendly but strong reminder of the mission to protect our oceans. Together, we can keep our commitment to a Leave No Trace food lifestyle, protecting a clean blue ocean for sea turtles. 

Flexible for Easy Opening and Folding, Enjoy Uncompromising Quality

The accordion-style two-stage folding design allows for size adjustment according to the amount of food to be stored. Adjust the height for use as a plate or a container. Whether it’s mango ice in the summer or a warming herbal soup in the winter, this cold-resistant, heat-resistant, and acid-resistant container will support you in any adventure of the taste buds. Quality tested with over 10,000 folds to ensure uncompromising quality. 


See the Delicious Food Inside with its Transparent Design

There’s no need to repackage ingredients when you get home,

you can refrigerate or freeze directly to keep foods safe and fresh.

Take-out a Feeling of Home, Endless Uses for a Creative Lifestyle

Take the flavors of home with you wherever you go, and experience the joys of a low-plastic lifestyle!




🕖 Start your low-plastic day with a breakfast sandwich or a low GI meal.

🕛 Take food from a lunch buffet on the go, and even pack up a bowl of hot soup. 

🕒 An afternoon nut snack will recharge you for the rest of the work day. 

🕔 Pack a tea-time treat to enjoy your Friday afternoon.

🕗 Start your perfect dinner and baby food prep with well-organized containers of ingredients.

🕚 Instant noodles for a perfect late-night snack, go to bed feeling full and satisfied.

A One-Piece Design for Easy Cleaning, Heat it up for Effective Germ Killing

The soft silicone material is easy to clean thoroughly and effectively,

The container body and lid are both easy to scrub with no hard to reach corners.

The one-piece design means there’s no need for traditional rubber sealing strips

that hide mold and other germs.

It can be cleaned with a soft sponge and natural dish detergent,

or placed directly in the dishwasher.

Use a high-heat dish dryer or boil it in water to disinfect for optimal cleanliness.


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Photo Gallery: the Low-plastic Lifestyle


  • After use, use a natural detergent and scrub gently with a sponge or place directly into dishwasher. For a more thorough disinfecting clean, use a dish dryer or boil in water.
  • To remove residual flavors and colors, add baking soda or white vinegar to water and boil.
  • After holding colored foods such as curry, wash immediately to remove color. If staining occurs, it does not influence product use.
  • The lid may be kept on while reheating in the microwave or other heating methods, however, the sea turtle airlock must be removed to allow air release.
  • When placed in oven, do not place in direct contact with heating pipe or oven liner, and remove the lid for optimal baking.
  • Do not directly place on flames, and keep away from sharp objects to avoid damage.
  • When storing hot soup, pick up carefully to avoid being burned.