What kind of palm leaf is it made out of? Are trees cut down in the process?

It is made from the naturally fallen leaf sheaths of areca palm, and does not require the cutting down of a single plant or tree.


Will they go moldy?

The leaves have a natural wax covering, so if they are stored well in a dry place, you don’t have to worry about mold. However, because this product is entirely natural, with no additives or preservatives, if it is not stored well it may grow mold.


The surface looks so smooth and glossy, is there a plastic coating or has it been chemically treated?

The glossy surface is a result of natural wax within the leaves. The plates have been washed and sanitized with natural spring water and they are pressed and shaped at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. There is no plastic film added and they have never been chemically treated.


Can they be used to hold hot foods? Will it release harmful substances?

They can hold hot foods without any risk or harm! In addition to using the plates indoors, they are perfect for outdoor activities like campfire barbecues. When used to serve hot soup, avoid overfilling which might cause the bowl to deform.


Why is the color of the plates inconsistent, with some lighter and some with dark markings?

The color is a result of the unique markings on the surface of the leaf sheaths, causing each plate to be entirely unique. The unique markings and color of each plate increase their aesthetic grace and do not influence use or quality. Don’t worry!



Some of the plates have creases around the edges. Do they affect use?

Made by heating and pressing natural leaf sheaths, the different shapes of the plates and the leaves result in different levels of creasing around the edges. However, it does not affect their use.


How should the Palm Plates be disposed of after use?

They can be thrown in the trash, disposed of with kitchen waste, or composted. They will naturally biodegrade in about 6-12 weeks.



Does Zen Zhou have a brick and mortar storefront? Where can I purchase Zen Zhou products?

At present, Zen Zhou does not have a brick and mortar storefront. However, our products can be purchased at Leezen locations across Taiwan; however, confirm the location based on which product you wish to purchase; and through different retailers on the PChome online market. Individual retailers determine which products to offer. We continue to increase the number of retailers offering our products.


How should I get in contact with you if I want to place a large order or make a group purchase of Zen Zhou products?

Can they be reused?

If you wish to place a large order or make an inquiry about our products, you can get in touch with us directly. If your group or company would like to order customized products, contact us to inquire about our company customization options.


Can they be reused?

To reuse the plates, wash with water and natural soap and set them out to dry.