Do Zen Zhou’s Beeswax Food Wraps only come in the listed sizes and styles? Can you offer more size options?

If you need a large amount of a different size of Beeswax Food Wrap, you are welcome to contact us directly. If you would like a smaller size, you can purchase the sizes we already offer and cut it into the size that best suits your needs.



Does cutting the Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap affect its use?



Does the Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap contain harmful chemicals? Is it harmful to pets? Will it attract roaches and ants?

The Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap is made of entirely natural and chemical-free materials, and it’s made with beeswax which is a common ingredient in chap stick, so be assured it is safe to use.It is not advised for those allergic to honey or beeswax to use this product. The Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap has the natural fragrance of beeswax, but it is flavorless and will not attract pests. It is not attractive to pets, and is harmless accidentally consumed. 


Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap has a particular smell, is it possible to change that?

mell of the Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap is the natural smell of beeswax, and it will lessen over time with use. Zen Zhou is committed to the use of natural ingredients without additives. We will not offer different fragrance options in the future.


Why is the Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap a little sticky?

Beeswax causes some stickiness, but that is also the secret to this product’s ability to replace plastic wrap, so don’t worry! Beeswax is harmless if you get some on your hands, and it is even good for your skin.


Can the Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap be heated in the microwave?

No. All Beeswax Food Wraps are sensitive to high temperature, so it cannot be used in the microwave, rice cookers, ovens, or any other heating appliance.


Can the Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap be used to wrap cooked foods?

It can be used to wrap cooked foods, just not hot foods. The Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap is suitable for wrapping foods at room temperature or colder, for example: sandwiches, crackers, nuts, or cooled off cooked foods, etc. It is not suitable for wrapping fresh fried foods, barbecue meat, or other hot foods.


How long can the Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap be used for? Can they be used indefinitely?

Under typical circumstances, the product can be used for about one year. The Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap is a consumable product, not meant for permanent use. Because the natural materials used have a limited duration of use, and because it is meant to come in contact with food and containers, we recommend that the product is replaced regularly even if it appears in good shape


How do I know when to replace my Zen Zhou Beeswax Food Wrap?

Observation: Use your hands and eyes. If you find that the beeswax coating is gradually thinning to the point that it loses its stickiness and no longer sticks to bowls and becomes difficult to wrap food, it is time to replace it. Test it: Put some water on the Beeswax Food Wrap as a test. If the water easily drips through the Beeswax Food Wrap, then the product has lost its moisture retaining property, and it might be time to consider replacing it.


Is there only one size option for the Shell-Design Net Bag?

Currently, we only offer one size, it is about 40 grams, the size of a hand when folded and it can carry a load of 5 kg.


Is it easily torn by hooking on things?

The pure cotton hand woven three strand weave is pretty tough. It was tested holding many different kinds of objects, and it holds up very well


Can it be machine washed?

Yes, but we recommend placing it in a washing bag for machine washing.